Mermaid Celeste (Ariel Stein) is an accomplished mermaid performer/underwater model based out of Orlando, FL. She has over seven collective years of experience in deep water lifeguarding, is a certified open-water and Nitrox scuba diver, played water polo for the University of Central Florida for two seasons, and swam competitively in middle school and high school. She is also a talented actress, cosplayer, and model, appearing in different types of productions from Disney commercials to full-length live stage shows. Her educational background is in entertainment marketing and consumer behavior.

​Ariel first started mermaiding as a hobby in 2009, when she and her best friend won an costume contest as The Little Mermaid-inspired characters from Kingdom Hearts. The first tail was a fabric handmade tail made by her friend, and sure enough, was a very popular outfit at conventions across the nation. In 2012, after appearing in her second stage show for the Florida convention scene, her friend from the shows told her about becoming a professional mermaid. She invested in her first silicone tail by Mermaid Creations, and instantly got to work.

Since then, she has done mermaid performances at festivals, parades, and corporate events, “meet and greets” with children’s parties, appeared in her trusty travelling mermaid tank, and does modeling for local photographers in Florida’s beautiful freshwater springs. Her current performing tail is a custom silicone tail by MerNation Inc, featuring a beautiful glitter coat, dorsal fin, pectoral fins, and tribal print on the sides. She also has four fabric tails, her original blue/yellow silicone tail, and a Finfolk hybrid tail, featuring individual golden iridescent scales and a color-shifting fluke.

Mermaid Celeste advocates for the cleanup and maintenance of Florida’s springs and estuaries. She and her merfolk friends from all over Florida support the local parks and make appearances at the various springs in order to support them while educating the public about the importance of respecting the environment. Her portraits can even be seen in county legislators’ offices across the state, thanks to her partnership with the Florida Sierra Club.

Current Certifications:
-American Red Cross Deep Water/Water Park Lifeguard
-American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
-NASCO Water Sentry
-NAUI Open Water
-NAUI Nitrox