Mermaid “Ria” Lunaria (Shannon Rokaw) is a mermaid performer and accomplished storyteller based out of Orlando, Florida.

She has a year of theme park lifeguarding and is a published author in a number of anthologies. She is also a seamstress and cosplayer, with creations ranging from ballgowns to wigs and props in her portfolio.

Her educational background is in creative writing and business administration, and she currently works as a teacher in the OCPS school district. Shannon began mermaiding as a hobby in 2013 in her apartment complex pool with her very first Fin Fun tail. The hobby was a great way to stay active, and she quickly found herself the center of attention from local children also frequenting her pool. The look of wonder and adoration on children’s faces became a driving purpose behind her continued improvement in the hobby as she focused on honing her skills and her appearance in order to keep that magic alive in children’s eyes.​

Shannon began mermaiding professionally in the spring of 2018 with Celestial Fantasy Entertainment under the direction and tutelage of Mermaid Celeste, a long time professional in the field. Since her debut with the company, Shannon has performed in tanks, tents, and pools around Florida, including her appearance at the Renaissance Festival of Central Florida as both a performer and a lifeguard. Shannon currently performs in her tropical Finfolk Productions neoprene tail featuring bright purples and blues, though she still has the fabric tail that started it all.

Mermaid Lunaria believes in the power of fantasy, in the magic of chasing your dreams with all of your heart and refusing to let them fade. When she’s not at the center of a storytelling circle painting pictures of shimmering, living coral reefs or gently swaying kelp forests, she can be found sunbathing on the surface of your local body of water or flipping her fins on a particularly sunny rock. ​​

Current Certifications:
-American Red Cross Deep Water/Water Park Lifeguard
-American Red Cross First Aid and CPR