Mermaid Selene (Shaye Moon) has been raised with a love of all things water since she was a little girl.

With a pool in her backyard she learned to swim before she could walk and took to the water like a fish! In her youth she was an accomplished sailor and swam on her local lakes swim team, she even made it onto her high school varsity swim team where she was also a lead actress in the schools annual play four years in a row. She went on to become a dramatic arts major in college where she graced the stage in many shows.

Mermaid Selene then went on to teach professional figure skating for 15 years in New Jersey because if she isn’t under the water, she loves to glide atop it. Specializing in older children she has helped many young people see that you are never too old to have fun and chase your dreams, and that mindset helped her launch her own dreams to become a mermaid!

In 2004 she married the love of her life and in 2007 had her first little merpup. In 2010 she had her second, and 4 years later the opportunity came to leave New Jersey and move to the sunny state of Florida and her little family jumped on it! Upon their arrival one of the first things she did was take her children to see the world famous Weeki Wachee mermaids and fell in LOVE with the idea of pursuing the career as her own.

After much research she discovered the world of mermaid tails, and while attending university to become a Licensed Massage therapist, dreamed of the day she would have her own tail. A year later, and that dream came true when she purchased her first beautiful tail from MerNation! It was around this time she would attend a mermaid meet up and would be introduced to many new friends who quickly enlisted her as a performer for their companies.

She would spend the next year working for Florida Merfolk doing not only Meet and Greets, but also pool and tank shows. She became an advocate for her favorite places to swim, the Florida Springs and would volunteer to entertain at Springfest in Silver Springs every year to help them raise money to keep the springs clean and healthy. Since then she has joined Celestial Fantasy Entertainment and worked a fantastic renaissance festival and hopes to work many more events with her new found little family. She is an accomplished underwater model, has a stellar breath hold, and is CPR certified as well as well as working to get NAUI and PADI certified.

Current Certifications:
-CPR/First Aid
-Massage Therapist