Merman Sagittarius (Joseph Reddy) is our marlin merman who has recently joined the Celestial Fantasy Entertainment troupe from St. Louis, Missouri.

Combining a love of freediving and cosplay, Joseph has been donning his fish tail since 2014. His current Mernation, Inc. tail is billfish inspired, with stripes along the sides of the tail, and pectoral, calf, and dorsal fins.

Joseph has performed in the St. Louis Renaissance Festival for two years before joining the Celestial Fantasy Entertainment troupe. Since then, he has performed at the St. Louis Renaissance Festival (as a merman), the Central Florida Renaissance Festival, and at various corporate events. When he is not in tail, Joseph is also one of two on-site medics and handlers for the merfolk.

Current Certifications:
-PADI Open Water
-Registered Nurse
-BLS CPR/First Aid